Mortifying Mistext

Posted: October 22, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Meet Sydney.

Sydney is a college freshman walking across campus alone at night. She would really rather be back in her dorm packing to go home for the weekend, but Sydney promised to do her friend, Jenny, a solid. So on she trudges, making sure to step on all the crunchy leaves for personal satisfaction. She smiles a little at a crisp breeze blowing in and thinks of her jacket, hanging uselessly in her room.

Sydney soon reaches the all-men dorm and slips her phone out of her pocket, quickly sending a text.

Sydney: I’m here. Which door should I go to?

Chris: front entrance

Sydney: k

Sydney walks confidently to the door, ignoring the butterflies in her stomach at the thought of meeting Chris without knowing if he is trustworthy. Chris lets her in the dorm with a smile and they slide into a side room with a ping-pong table. Chris chats amiably, putting  her at ease. Then they get down to business.

Chris: “So I didn’t quite understand what Jenny wanted me to buy. She said something about rum and whiskey. What am I getting?”

Sydney: “I think she just wanted a bottle of Malibu but if you can’t do that then any type of whiskey is fine.”

Chris: “Do you want to come with me or do you want to just give me the money?”

Sydney: “I think I’ll just go back to my dorm and you can drop it off there.”

As she hands over the wad of money, Sydney’s friend Mark comes in and starts playing ping-pong with Chris. The three of them chat for a while and knowing that Chris is Mark’s friend makes Sydney more trusting of him. She almost wishes she had gone with them to buy the bottle. Instead, she pulls out her phone as she walks away, hoping to make the encounter sound funny enough to make her best friend crack a smile.

Sydney: Getting something good for tonight. #awkwardnightimedeals

She tucks her phone away and lets her mind wander the rest of the way back to her dorm room. She crawls onto her bed and looks through her texts, absently wondering if her best friend, Amy, had texted back. Sydney’s eyes widen and she groans before letting out a stream of very unladylike curses.

She had sent that text to Chris.

Sydney could feel it coming: the rush of mortification. The feeling of being a failure. Logically, she knows these things happen to everyone. Logically, she knows she is normal. But her heart is still susceptible to falling into the trap of feeling useless and bad. Her bipolar mother didn’t mean to, but in the past her cruel words decimated Sydney’s feelings of self-worth socially.

However, Sydney is stronger than she used to be. She taught herself how to cope. She taught herself how to not fall into the trap of sinking into her memories. She taught herself how not to become that scared, verbally abused, little girl. Sydney calls up Amy and explains what just happened. Amy is silent for a moment…

But then, the two of them burst into uncontrollable laughter that seems to never end. With every second more of laughing, Sydney comes to appreciate just how entertaining the situation is. Sydney is thoroughly enjoying herself now, and feels almost no awkwardness when picking up the Malibu from Chris. Sydney knows she can always rely on Amy to laugh at her. She counts on it, really, since a good chuckle is always her chosen path for handling life.

Lighten up and learn to laugh, people.



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