Leaving the Cuckoo’s Nest

Posted: October 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

It’s only really now as I live away from home that I realize just how…unorthodox… my childhood really was. I realized its normal to go to sleep knowing you won’t be dragged out of bed at three in the morning. I realized it was normal to wake up knowing where you’d sleep that night. I realized most people actually do have parents that do laundry. I realized its normal to not be afraid of showering with the door unlocked. I realized that I am stronger than many due to what I went through. I also realized that I am more damaged than many.  Once upon a time I thought I was normal…

  1. No such thing as “normal”….just an ideal we’ve all created lol

    • To a certain extent I think you are right. What is normal for me is not normal for other people, but it’s still my life as I know it. But at the same time some circumstances are abnormal for anybody.

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